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National History Standards & Agriculture

United States History Standards for Grades 5-12
   Era 2: Colonization and Settlement (1585-1763)

Why the Americas attracted Europeans, why they brought enslaved Africans to their colonies, and how Europeans struggled for control of North America and the Caribbean.

Standard 1A
The student understands how diverse immigrants affected the formation of European colonies.

Grade Level Therefore, the student is able to
5-12 Analyze the religious, political, and economic motives of free immigrants from different parts of Europe who came to North America and the Caribbean. [Consider multiple causation]
5-12 Explain why so many European indentured servants risked the hardships of bound labor overseas. [Consider multiple perspectives]

Standard 1B
The student understands the European struggle for control of North America.

Grade Level Therefore, the student is able to
7-12 Analyze how various Native American societies changed as a result of the expanding European settlements and how they influenced European societies. [Examine the influence of ideas and interests]

How the values and institutions of European economic life took root in the colonies, and how slavery reshaped European and African life in the Americas

Standard 3A
The student understands colonial economic life and labor systems in the Americas.

Grade Level Therefore, the student is able to
7-12 Explain mercantilism and evaluate how it influenced patterns of economic activity. [Analyze cause-and-effect relationships]
5-12 Identify the major economic regions in the Americas and explain how labor systems shaped them. [Utilize visual and mathematical data]

Standard 3B
The student understands economic life and the development of labor systems in the English colonies.

Grade Level Therefore, the student is able to
5-12 Explain how environmental and human factors accounted for differences in the economies that developed in the colonies of New England, mid-Atlantic, Chesapeake, and lower South. [Compare and contrast different sets of ideas]
7-12 Analyze how the early Navigation Acts affected economic life in the colonies. [Marshal evidence of antecedent circumstances]

Standard 3C
The student understands African life under slavery.

Grade Level Therefore, the student is able to
9-12 Assess the contribution of enslaved and free Africans to economic development in different regions of the American colonies. [Interrogate historical data]
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